DBF File Repair Tool

Facing one or the other below mentioned issues while accessing DBF File:
  • If you are getting error messages like "Unable to open ___.dbf file, 5009", "[path]\[file_name].dbf", "(Error-2091)".
  • When you open your MS FoxPro database application then it display “memo file is missing/invalid”
  • While manipulating data on MS FoxPro database application it showing database connectivity error.
  • Unable to open MS FoxPro database application.
  • MS FoxPro application unable to execute query.

If you are dealing with any of these error and unable to access your .dbf file then there is no doubt that your .dbf file is corrupted due to any cause. And if you want to restore or recover your corupted file then you have to repair .dbf file. Repair your corrupted file by using DBF Repair Tool which will efficiently recover your corrupt database file without any loss of data or content.

dbf file recovery

About DBF File

DBF stands for database file, this file format is used in database applications such as MS FoxPro database application. File that contained '.dbf' extension are known as standard database file. The database file is used to store data in a tabular format. It provides many features to the user to manipulate data in an efficient manner. User can easily manage large amount of data by the help of database file. MS FoxPro database application provides only interface but the original task is done by the DBF file all information that is entered through MS FoxPro database application is stored in to the dbf file or database file.

All kind of data modifying operations like to store data, fetching data from data base, removing data and data editing task by using any database application that are actually done on the data that stored in to a database file. We can say that the dbf file is actually a data storage file that stores data in an efficient way. This file is popular because it provides many features and protection to the data stored in it such as it provides data redundancy, multiple views of data, provides security to data, data sharing, data independence, concurrency control, it provides many key (primary key, secondary key, foreign key) facility that help to protect data duplication.


How DBF File Corrupts - Reasons Behind the Issue!

There are many causes behind the corruption of .dbf file. If the file is corrupted then you can’t access your important and useful data. So it is important for the user to know the reasons behind the file corruption because if user identifies the reasons of .dbf file corruption then user can protect their file from getting corrupted. The possible causes of .dbf file corruption are given bellow- -

  • “.dbf” may be corrupted due to virus or Trojan attack. You can protect your file by using update antivirus program.
  • If your database application such as visual FoxPro gets faulty, then the file become inaccessible or gets corrupted.
  • The file gets corrupted if other application program collides with database application program.
  • Due to the software (antivirus, screen saver) or hardware (cable, hubs) malfunction.
  • Database file or .dbf file may also corrupt due to the Outdated or faulty database program. To avoid this situation always use updated database program.
  • Due to hard drive crashing or failure of hard drive.

How to Repair Corrupt DBF File?

If your dbf file is corrupted then you can’t access your data that stored in it. It is very panic moment for the any user because users are totally dependent on to the MS FoxPro database application and application was unable to fetch or retrieve data if the database file is corrupted. To avoid this situation it is necessary to make a backup of your database file, and when the original file is corrupted then you can restore it by using backup files. But if you don’t make any backup of your database file then you can only recover your data by using third party dbf repair tool.

This tool is very powerful and effective it can recover your corrupt database file without damaging any data. This tool provides very easy interface so an initial user can also recover his/her corrupted database file by the help of this tool. So if you are unable to access your database file then you can install this repair tool and recover your database file easily. This tool can also recover all components that included in a dbf file like column name, table name, and data types of all columns, Binary indexes, Indexes, primary key, candidate key, foreign key, unique key, and regular key.

Features of DBF Repair Software:

  • This tool supports various version of dBase- It repairs dbf file that created in dBase III, dBase IV, and dBase V.
  • It recovers all the objects- This repair tool recover all content of a file like objects, data types, column name, table name, etc.
  • It recovers various data type- This tool is able to recover various data type that you are added to your dbf file such as Blob field, Varbinary, Varchar, Varchar (binary), and Integer Auto Inc.
  • Provides log report- You can view, clear, or save the log report of the repair processes.
  • Recover dbf components- This tool can also recover the database component that including in dbf file.